Many tourists come to Verona because it’s the closest city nearby to Gardalake or because it’s the city of Shakespeare’s storey of ‘’Romeo and Juliet’’. But it has so much more to offer then just that. See below for some tips & tricks! 

Rent a bike!
Just do it. Don’t get frightened by the 35 degrees weather forecast or burning sun. Grab your sunglasses, wash yourself with a liter of sunscreen and of you go! There are basicly a few options you can choose from;

–  Go on an organized bike (or running!) tour. Great for getting lots of information in a short time by experienced city guides. For example:

– Do it like we did: rent a city bike! For this a few steps are needed, but it’s really easy and definitely worth it.

1. Go to the website:  (or you can choose to go to the Tourist Office IAT)
2. Register yourself online by choosing ‘’short time subscriptions’’ (I assume you’re not going to stay more than a few days)
3. Fill in some personal details and pay with your creditcard.
4. Check your mailbox and go to one of the bike stations where you can fill in the two codes you got by mail.
5. Take you bike and ENJOY the fresh breeze, cool feeling and freedom! This all for a small prize. See prices below:

 Rate for registering € 2,00*
First half hour ALWAYS FREE
Second half hour (or fraction thereof) € 0,50
Third half hour (or fraction thereof) € 0,75
Fourth half hour (or fraction thereof) € 0,75
After the 2-hour limit, use is charged at an hourly rate.
Each additional hour (or fraction thereof) € 2,00


When you are on this bike (OK walking is also allowed):
Go out of the city, for example see the ‘’Mura Comunali di Verona’’ . This is the wall which surrounds the city. You will find some gates where you can go ‘’in’’ and ‘’out’’ of the city. Great way to get an overview of Verona.

You must have seen a big square with an immense Amphitheatre on it while arriving in the city. And don’t feel confused, you are are NOT in Rome or Capua (the two cities with the biggest theatres), this Square in Verona is called ‘’Piazza delle Erbe’’. And hosts this beautiful and big amphitheatre. You can go inside for €10,-  Or buy a ‘’Verona card’’ for €18,- (24 hours) or €22,- (48 hours) which will allow you to go inside several sightsee points.

Located a stone throw away is ‘’Casa di Giulieta’’. Actually you can’t miss it walking in the shopping street of the city. We read some love letters here, took fancy balcony pictures, touched the right booby of Juliet (brings luck in love) and also saw how ‘’the witch’’ got rid of the love letters hanging on the ‘’wall of Juliet’’! I am sure they have to do this because of the thousands tourists visiting each year, leaving the names of their loved ones behind. Sure they keep them well… Somewhere.

Time for lunch; go to the market!
For this you should bring a visit to ‘’Piazza delle Erbe’’. It’s the pumping heart of this city. They have  a market every morning where you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and souvenirs. Besides this:  it’s a great place to have a drink and wander around looking to the beautiful buildings surrounding this square.

on 3 minutes bike distance away from the market you will find one of the fascinating monuments and an absolute masterpiece of Veronese Gothic architecture ‘’Le Arche Scaligere’’ You will see the monumental tombs of the Veronese nobility adjacent to the church of Santa Maria Antica. We were surprised when finding it; we never heard or saw pictures of this before visiting the city. It’s worthwhile to take a break and take some time to let your eye assume all the small details of the tombs.

Castelvecchio bridge
The best way to cross the Adige river is by crossing this wonderful bridge. Build to grant the king in that time (1345 – 1356) as a safe escape of his castle (now museum) to the other side of the river. It’s a beautiful way to see the city from another perspective and handy way to get to the other side!

Settle down at sunset time:
In the afternoon you should bike your way up to ‘’Castel san Pietro’’. You can combine it with a visit into the castle but we decided to enjoy the panoramic and absolutely breathtaking city view. Recommendation: buy some sandwiches, sbrisolone (typical food from Verona) juice and end up your day with a picnic in the city of Romeo and Juliet while watching a magical sunset, how romantical…


Handy things 
–  You can sleep in a matrimonial room with Airbnb for 25,- euros  a night a person.
– Visit Duchi Café for a nice cappuchino and a little snack… It’s delicious
– The city is not too big: everything is easy reachable by foot or bike.
– Getting to the train station (Verona Porta Nuova train station) by bus or taxi will take you around 20 minutes. Going from here to the airport by shuttle bus and takes approximately 15 minutes (leaving every 20 minutes). browse too for more information.