While doing a small Italy trip we visited Cinque terre. The name already exposes her secret; it’s all about the five little villages build like terraces on the cliffs of the west Italian coastline. Scroll down to get to know our top 5 of recommendations for visiting this adorable place.

Drying clothes 1. Where should I book my accommodation?
As long as you are not earning half million a day and you don’t like booking a half year in advance I would skip the cinque terre villages and go for ‘’La spezia’’. It’s a small cute town located just 20 minutes by train from the Cinque terre villages. It offers lots of different accommodations for a way more comfortable price, good public transportation and tourist information points.

Waiting in the trainstation2. What is the best way to visit them?
Train. You can take the train between all the villages (including La Spezia and Levanto) it will cost you 4,- from one city to the other for a one way ticket. It doesn’t matter if this ticket will be from La Spezia to Levanto or from La Spezia to Riomaggiore, it will be 4,-.

Hike. For the sportive under us: go hiking! You can buy a park access card (7,50 one day, 14,- two days) which will allow you to use the hiking trails and hike to all the villages over a well maintained track. The whole trail is about 11 kilometres and will take upon 5 hours. Beside this you will be able to use the ecological park buses, use public toilets, support the nature park and connect to the Wi-fi internet connection buying the cinque terre park card. Doing all tracks can make you sweat lots so don’t forget to bring some water, suncream and hiking shoes with you!

Boat: for a few euro’s you can visit four of the five villages of Cinque Terre by boat, we didn’t do this because simply we didn’t knew about this option, but I am sure this will be an great idea to!For more information about the hiking trails in Cinque terre visit this link

Walking in one of the villages3. What is the difference between the villages?
I will just add some keywords and pictures after each city so you can decide yourself which one you like the most. For me Vernazza was the most beautiful one, but all the trackings between the villages made it for me special. The combination of wild nature and  the Picturesque sights of those villages is a wonderful combination. Under this paragraph I will mention some catchwords by a picture of each village. 

MonterossoMonterosso – oldest, biggest population, harbor, beach, tunnel, closets to Levanto

RiomaggioreRiomaggiore – located on two hills, most touristy, closest one to La spezia


VernazzaVernazza – Idea of one small street, lookout tower 


CornigliaCorniglia – vineyards, old olive groves, on a hill, viewpoint over the other villages


ManorolaManarola – most famous for the pictures, Picturesque (unfortunatly we only visited the city during the night)

Terraces4. Been overtaken by this blog, but not sure yet when to go?

March, April and May are great months to visit Cinque terre because of it’s low tourist numbers and warm breeze (especially when you’re planning to walk the trail). If you enjoy more tourists around you, a warmer climate and sea temperatures you should go in European summer period: June, July, August and September.

Cinque Terre, woman in window
5. Fact you may didn’t knew yet

– Cinque terre is included in the World heritage list of UNESCO since 1997.
– A terrible flood coming out of a collapsing hill filled with mud and water flooded the cities in 2011. Along them where Monterosso and Varnezza. They renovated so well that I couldn’t even notice it anymore visiting it last May 2017. See this link  to watch a video about this terrible event.


Those where my recommendations for Cinque Terre. If you have some more, let us know by giving a comment! Happy travels!