At the page ‘’about me’’ I inform you about my work. I am a physical therapist and a ‘’running tour guide’’ in Nijmegen. You might wondered what a running tour contents. Read the following blog to find out about ”running tours”! 

Nijmegen Running ToursRunning Tours
There are lots of different coporations offering running tours. Some of them operating in different cities, lots of them operating independently. A (sight)running tour basically offers a guided city tour while… uuh, running! So in the time you’re exercising you will get to know some interesting or funny facts about the sights and see a big part of the city in a short time. You will kill two (or… more!) birds with one stone: exercise (bye-bye holiday-calories), sightseeing, getting informed by a local guide and meeting new people. Lots of my favorites… That certifies why I began a Running Tour practice myself.


My brother and his girlfriend promoting Nijmegen Running Tours shirts Nijmegen Running Tours
Is my little baby! Born 22 September 2015 in Nijmegen. While doing my study to become a physical therapist I was running in the streets of Nijmegen for fun, my health and  to get out of my little student room. Well doing so I discovered more and more of this beautiful old city and felt enormous enthusiastic to share that knowledge. I gave it a name: Nijmegen Running Tours. I did my first running tour in Maastricht with Raoul from Maastricht Running Tours and did some city tours myself. From this moment on it all slowly started to roll.. uuuh run! logoEnthusiastic?
I am not the only one with this idea and ”(sight) running tours”are already spread widely over the whole world. Which is amazing. Now we can all practise our favorite sport and see a new beautiful place at the same time! See this video from Porto Running tours for an example. Not sure if your destination offers running tours? Click on the following link to see a clear summarize of running tours worldwide!


See you running!Runners enjoying a running tour