While traveling in Italy we were planning to make the following trip: Milan, Cinque Terre, Verona and the surroundings of Bolzano.  A real enthusiastic plan for a timeframe of one week. Specially when depending on public transport and ‘’Blablacar’’. Unfortunately for us there was none of those available. We decided to change plans and visit… Bologna!

Flixbus to Bologna

How did we get there?
We took the Flixbus from Milan to Bologna (€11,-) and a bus to our hotel (€2,-).


Explore time!
After waking up  we had till 16.00 to visit Bologna. Not so much, specially is you like sleeping till late and having breakfast like a queen, uuh, oops, that’s me. But, we did or best (of course). Result: some interesting sightsee points we would like to share with you. As a starter: the two towers. The nickname for Bologna is ‘’la turrita, which means something like ‘’city of towers’’. There were at least 200 towers located in this city during the middle ages to protect the city and as a symbol of power. The more powerful and richer a family was, the higher the tower was built… 

There is a remaining number of 20 towers in the city nowadays. The other ones went down by nature violence, wars or to make place for new buildings.



Picture of Sint-Petronius basilica

We also visited the Sint-Petronius basilica. It’s an impressive build church. Specially because of the -front side- looks and overall size. Notice how it is build in two different colors. I never saw something like that before. The square is called ‘’piazza maggiore’’.


If you like an  eagle view of the city you basicly have two options: a leg work out (climbing stairs) in one of the remaining towers OR do it like we did: go to the back side of the Sint-Petronius basilica. Here you have a elevator to ‘’la Terrazza Panoramica’’. For a small amount (€3,-) you enjoy an incredible view over the city! Easy.



The Basilica of Santo Stefano. A lovely place to have lunch, sit down and… Relax (like we did).


Around 15.00 we decided to go to the canals of Bologna. We had a tough search: 99% of them are underground! Nice place to take some pictures, but Venice is still the real deal.


After the canals we had to hurry to catch or train to La Spezie (€19,- p.p.). We stored or bags at the train station (€7,- for one bag) so we didn’t had to get back to our hotel.

We will definitely come back one day to visit more museums, walk to Santuario di Madonna di San Luca (church on a mountain, you actually can’t miss it visiting Bologna) and eat tagliatella with Bolognese sauce… Yummy! See you next time, Bologna!