Our travel through Cuba started in Havana, the main capital of this breathtaking country. Thinking about traveling to Cuba? Watch and read about the cities we visited in the ”you show me series” 

Havana is divided into 3 districts: Habana Vieja (Old-Havana), Centro Habana and Vedado. Habana Vieja is the oldest district. There are lots of old monuments, buildings and big private houses build in a mixture of neoclassical and baroque style. They started building here around 500 years back in history. 

Centro Habana: the name says it all: the center of this city. The locals are busy with the renovation of this neighborhood: at the moments lots of buildings are in an unrepaired state. We loved this part even more because of that reason. When you walk into the small streets you will see abandoned houses, empty and sometimes even with complete gardens (trees, plants) growing in it… Kind of spooky…

Vedado: means ‘’forbidden’’ in Spanish. It was forbidden to build in this neighborhood in the 16th century. It’s the most important district at the moment because of the presence of political and office buildings. You will find many high-rise building, including hotels originally built primarily for American tourists. In this pic, you see the tall buildings at the right.

El Morro (at the other side of the ocean) fortress which protected the city.

El Malecon – Avenue beside the water. Great for watching the sunset and inhaling some fresh air to start your evening with. 


A just-married couple? Or on her way to the church? Anyways: she found a beautiful city to become married.


There are not many shops in Cuba. If there are shops: they will be found empty most of the time. Caused by a different kind of reasons (meanly political, money). Because of that, lots of products which we might ”throw away” in Europe are repaired in Cuba. Here you see a ”shoe repair- and produce-fabric”, right in the city center.

Club ROMA. Seeing this picture you might think: ”mwaah, this isn’t the picture I had in mind while thinking about Havana”. Sure the pic isn’t of the best quality. But the place definitely is! GO there. The club is owned by Cuban DJ Alain Dark and located in a building in Old Havana. We found it accidentally; it was the first day they were open. You have to go into an old style elevator all the way up to the rooftop, get yourself a fancy Cuban cocktail and enjoy DJs from around the world playing some electronic music. I can find some less interesting ways to spend my night….

Drink a Cocktail (yeah why not, another one) in bar ”Van-van”. Live music is absolutely swinging and cocktails are served like seen above. Besides: not too many tourists around. Don’t you dare to leave Havana without visiting this one!


Go to the several art places in Cuba, the ”art fabric” and street. A way for Cubanian people to express themselves.

Walking in Havana city

Don’t make plans. Walk around, take photographs and enjoy being in a stunning country which hasn’t changed a bit the last couple of years. But don’t forget to ask the locals. If they like it like we do. – Living in the past,  without any change.
Coming up: ”you show me” Viñales, Varadero, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, a blog about the Cuban country and what you absolutely should know traveling o Cuba.
Any questions or suggestions about Havana? Let us know in a comment below. Happy travels!