Our travel through Cuba started in Havana, after this, we traveled by bus to Viñales. Busses are leaving at 08:00, 11:25 and 14:00 and will cost you 26USD. Viñales is not famous by the village itself but more because of the ”Valley of Viñales” declared by UNESCO as Cultural Landscape Heritage. Besides this, Fidel Catro seemed to love this place…

Home StayWhere to stay:
If you want to stay right in town, Viñales has dozens of ”casas particulares” licensed to rent rooms to foreigners. For a good list of them take a look at: www.cubacasas.net. We stayed in this lovely ‘’casa particular’’ for $15,- p.p. a night, with a view over the village, a bit walking (5minutes) out of town.

The village of Viñales is small. You will find everything you need in the city center. Restaurants, a club (you can learn salsa here :)-), travel agencies. Because I love to eat and inform you about that: we found some great vegetarian restaurants and cocktail bars here. Nice to relax after a long day of exploring. Our number one to eat: Restaurant La Berengena! 

Horse riding in valleyValley:
The first day we booked a guided horse riding tour through the village, visiting tobacco farmers, coffee Plantage and a big cave for $5,- a person, for each hour. When I write about this I feel the pain of the saddle again in my but, but it was totally worth it.

Inside valleyThe country around the mogotes is very fruitful, so tobacco plants grow very well.

Inside caveBig cave. Our guide (a boy from 15 years old trying to earn some extra money) takes the group inside. When you’re deep in the cave – barely without any light – you will arrive at an ”inside-nature-swimming-pool”. Once there you take out your clothes, forget about scary water animals, take a deep breath and…. Swim! I shitted my pants, but…. we did!

Farmer showing us how he produces his coffee beansCoffee farmer explaining to us how the progress of producing and growing coffee beans works.

Cayo jutiasBeach:
The second day we visited one of the offshore islands, Cayo Jutias. The other one is Cayo Levisa, but unfortunately, we didn’t had enough time to visit this one too. Kind of funny fact: we were trying to find a good price for the trip and almost all the taxi guys started to scream/fight with each other, trying to convince us to go with them. Normal price will be around $15,- USD p.p, return. Leaving times are 08:00, 09:00, 10:00 and returning at 16:00. The drive will take around one hour. Also possible by bus, easy to book in the city center.

Coyo Jutias, car parkingThey just park right on the beach. I mean, yeah, why not? It looks fancy.

Broken car at beachThe way back took a bit longer… The car was broken, just a little…


 View valley of ViñalesValle de Viñales
You can stay in Hotel Los Jazmines to admire this lovely view and enjoy their swimming pool, take a bus or do it like we did: rent a mountain bike in the village and bike all the way up. The rounded tops and steep walls of the mogotes (Limestone hills) are formed by erosion during the Jura – 200 to 145 million years ago.

View valley of ViñalesPanoramic view over the Viñales valley (valle de viñales)

X – NO PICTURE, read text below to find out why- X

Mural de la Prehistoria:
Famous because Fidel Castro found it a great idea. Also, you will read lots about it in travel guides. Unfortunately: the result is not too good, in our opinion. We don’t believe it’s worth a picture … 😛

Smoking menHope you enjoyed this blog. Have you got suggestions for other travelers about Viñales? Or any questions? Leave them in a comment below! Thank you and… Happy travels!