It has been in my mind for quite a long time. It belongs in the category firsty’s. It’s about running, sweating and enjoying nature…It’s named: ‘trail running’. One of my birthday presents this year was the subscription for N70 trail run in Nijmegen. Today, ‘’the day after’’, I can’t move one part of my body without, quite a lot of, muscle pain. I’m afraid my patiënts won’t believe me anymore when I tell them not to overuse their bodies. Still, I am so happy I experienced a totally different way of running a competition and looking forward subscribing myself to the next one. Want to know why?


On a regular training day, a few months ago

N70 trail run:
The N70 trail route bordered my garden till last May and knew what kind of route I could expect. Here you see me happy to be training in one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands.


On a regular training day, a few months ago

On a regular training day, a few months ago

08:00 Breakfast time and collecting some running gear. It’s better for me not to eat too much before running so I ate just two slices of bread and one piece of fruit.

09:15 Arriving at the location to pick up my starting number. This was the first time in my ‘running competitions career’ I couldn’t talk-over any of my friends to join me, and this warned me a bit… It’s fun to run a 14K-of-road, right?! Or… not? It felt a bit strange to walk around alone there, but on the other hand: I loved to pay a bit more attention observing people to get ready. Besides, ‘strangers’ started talking to me because I was standing there alone, which was a good chance for me to explain them about my Running Tours in Nijmegen ;).

10.00 start Before counting down the presenter gives us a pep talk: it’s not about winning: it’s about enjoying nature and suffering! Uuh what?! they just said ‘’suffering’’…? 3,2,1… Start!!

Uphill, N70 trailroute

Uphill, picture taken by Rinus Groen

Somewhere between 10:00 and 11:00 I absolutely agree with the suffering part. Like I said: I lived close to the N70 trail route and ran already some parts of it before. But I never ever ran in a competition speed the whole 14 KM’s. Never knew there were so many stairs and so many steep parts out there! Besides it looked like the whole damn way only went uphill and they forgot the downward part! Or was this just my imagination?

Pit stop, picture taken by Lidy Dilling

11:10 My mind is satisfied: I saw lots of beautiful sights, nature and routes I didn’t knew the existence of. I even stopped running for a little while to enjoy one of the ‘pit stops’ with some fruits and energy drink. Normally, during a regular running competition, I don’t make a stop at all. I told myself it wasn’t about the time during this trail run. Unfortunately, another voice in my mind told me: ‘’Someone has to be the last one passing the finish line’’. And I quickly continued running.

11.25 Almost at 14 KM. The finish line is approaching! I hear someone gasping behind me and coming closer step by step. My ‘’winning spirit’’ wins it from my demolished body and I push myself a bit more to keep in front of her. The picture above shows what has happened. See also this link if you’re in for a good laugh.

Me after finishing N70 trailroute

Me after finishing. Really, a beer?!

11:34 my ‘enemy’ comes to me after we are both over the finish line (really, it was just a split second). We laugh, talk and congratulate each other. Now I understand why the presenter told us to enjoy. It’s not all about time. We shout out to the next competitors crossing the finish line and we toast on my first trail run experience with a big glass of beer.

Special thanks to Run2Day, you’re running with me next time?!