One of the destinations I really looked forward to when visiting Cuba was Trinidad. Famous for her art, nature, colorful houses and lovely beaches. We visited this village after visiting Havana, Viñales and Varadero. From Varadero it will take around 7 hours by bus, costing around $20,-. For more information about bus schedules see the following link. 


The first evening we enjoyed the authentic city center. While walking around we found a vibrant place full of tourists and locals to enjoy our first sunset in this Caribbean atmosphere. Musicians were playing salsa, people enjoying a glass of wine… A perfect way to start our Trinidad exploring!

Cuban landscape

The second day we started our day with a waking-up-scream from a pig being slaughtered in our garden (no joke, not funny, but really ‘’authentic’’) after that we had some nice Cuban breakfast (they will serve you for $5,- ) and walked out of our door. Neighbors had some fresh meat hanging in their window…Wondered where that came from. We decided to rent a bike and go to the waterfall ‘’Salto del Caburni’’ a beautiful trip and not so hard to make. Coming there we discovered it was $10,- a person to see the waterfall closeby. For us, fresh out of Ecuador where we had already seen some 20 waterfalls, we decided not to pay and cycle to the beach ‘’closeby’’ Trinidad.

Couple dancing Salsa at the beach ''Ancun''

Couple dancing Salsa at the beach ”Ancun”

Ancun beach
Biking back from the waterfall took us one hour. Once in Trinidad we bought some fresh water and started our bike trip to the beach: ‘’Ancon’’. Good to know: there is hardly any shade during the whole trip and your hands will hurt after one hour “shakingly” going over the streets made of little stones while holding the bike handles. Also: you need to pay to park your bike at the beach! They absolutely try every business model to make money over there :P. Luckily the beach was absolutely worth it. We had exactly two hours to enjoy the sun before sunset started. A couple started to dance salsa in front of us while we were drinking a cocktail out of a coconut. Life isn’t treating us too badly. Biking back was an interesting thing to do with no road lights at all and lots of holes in the road.

Last full day we enjoyed the Cuban city, or better, village life. We walked around in Trinidad, made some pictures and visited some Museums. While evening set we walked up a hill to enjoy the view. Again a great sunset moment. When walking down you will see ‘’disco ayala’’ at the foot of this hill. A fantastic disco inside a cave. Don’t forget to pay a visit to this one.

Beach ''Ancon''

Beach ”Ancon”

The next morning we went to the beach ‘’Ancon’’ again, this time by car. In the whole of Cuba you have cool old cars but in Trinidad, they just look better. Could be because of the total  ‘’Trinidad setting’’. Anyway: we decided to go snorkeling in the reefs close to the beach ‘’Ancon”. Such an amazing thing to do. For a nice price, they will supply all snorkeling gear you need and take you in a powerboat to the reefs. Once there you splash into the sea and discover a great underwater life of Cuba. All this for a little amount of $15,-. 

Snorkeling gear

Snorkeling in coral reefs: an absolute once in a lifetime experience!

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Pictures in and around Trinidad