I had exactly 16 days for this trip: I planned to start in Tanger and finish in Taghazout. There are actually so many cool spots in Morocco I would have loved to check out… But unfortunately: not enough time! It’s a nice, but quite narrow scheduled travel itinerary for only two weeks. Specially if snow gets in the way… In a few sentences and pictures I will try to give you an insight in my roadtrip. First week I traveled with my mom, second week with my friend Ananja. Still doubting about bringing a visit to this country? Let me convince you! Check out my blog and pictures below!

Tanger Our airplane arrived 16:00. We immidiatly rented a car with Sunnycars and drove to Asilah. We just saw the airport so I can’t really support you with any more travel information than this.

At the moment we stayed here they were building around the MIA hostel but see how cool it’s becoming!

Asilah 18:00 is the time we arrived here with our rental car. A nice small fishers village with almost no tourists. We booked our Hostel ‘’MIA’’ in beforehand. The street of the hostel was not yet on the map so it was a little search. A must see is the old city (Kasbah): a criss cross white painted maze of houses and streets. You should also check out ‘’paradise beach’’ (in summer) and the tower ‘’El-Karma’’ which is connected to the walls surrounding the city. The next day we left around 12:00 leaving to…


Chefchaouen! After an breathtaking drive through the landscapes of Morocco we arrived around 15:30 in this magical, blue painted city. We parked our car at the parking spot ‘’Ras el Ma’’ and stayed in the Air B&B from Eric. Definitely a recommendation to stay at! Eric is a super kind hosts and his place is adorable. Great panoramic view from his terrace too. If you’re here just for half a day like we were you should at least visit the Plaza Uta- el hammam (heart of the city) and hike to the old Spanish Mosque for a breathtaking view over the city. Besides: just get lost for a bit in the blue streets of this pearl. At 13:00 we left the city to visit ‘’Moulay Idris’’.  


Moulay Idris a village we didn’t planned to stay at. We doubted about staying for two night in Meknes or staying one day at this place too. I am happy we did choose for the second option to stay here. It was one of my most unique and most relaxing experiences of Morocco. We stayed at ‘’Kasabah Senhaji’’ which is an perfect spot to feel at home. It’s a Hotel runned by a traditional Marocan family.

The picturesque city is spread over two hills. There are some nice local markets and a big outside swimming pool. It holds a special place in the hearts of moroccan people and ‘’opened his doors’’ for non muslims only since 2005. It is one of the country’s most important pilgrimage sites, the burial place of Moulay Idriss Al Akbar, a great-grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Non-muslims are not allowed inside the tomb at all (but it’s already worth it to see the outside).

The historical site of Volubilis is only a 45 min. walk or 15 min. drive away (5KM).


Volubilis we packed our stuff and drove with our car around 13:00 to the Roman 200 years old ruins of Volubilis. Such a peaceful place. In 1997 Volubilis had to honor of being named a UNESCO world heritage site. I was impressed by the big area of well prepared ruins and landscapes around. It surprised me there weren’t that much tourists at all. All this for just 10 dirham (+- 1 euro). We walked around for approximately 2 hours and drove to our next destination: Meknes!


Our new Maroccan friends

Royal stables

Meknes 16:00 o’clock: we where crossing around in our rental car in our first real ”big city”. Such a chaotic place in comparison with all the villages we have been before. Cars overtaking at the left AND right, bicycles donkeys and Tuk Tuk’s all at the same road while the streets became more and more narrow at the same time. After a little while we managed to park our car and find our Riad named ‘’Riad Felloussia Meknes’’. It was a lovely one which I can recommend everyone visiting Meknes, a really peaceful place in this chaotic city. We visited el Hedim square (the main square) the Sahrij Swani (kind of lake) the royal stables (next to the lake) the Bab mansour and Bab el-khemis gate. Besides we wandered around in the Souks and local market. In the evening we ate in a kind of Marocan fast food restaurant (me and my mom, haha!) and we met some super modern Moroccan girls from my age. We had a super interesting conversation with them about their believes in religion, the country and their lives. this all gave us a really moroccan experience!


Shop with lights in Fez

Proces of making leather – Fez

Fez we left Meknes around 12:00 and arrived in Fez around 13:30. We had to bring our car back first thing which was pretty exciting for me (or: us). I was happy my mom sat down besides me to guide me around and gave me an extra pair of eyes to check out the street names in this a chaotic city. While we were waiting in front of a traffic light a guy on a motorcycle saw the panic in our eyes and offered to guide us to the fuel station (we had a ‘’bring tank full back’’ regulation with our car hire company). I thought this was super nice of him and we followed him (I am happy police didn’t see how we did that) to the fuel station. So sweet of this guy! We stayed in ‘’Riad dar drissi’’. Again a wonderful experience. The manager picked us up from a parking place and guided us inside the Medina Maze to the Riad. We wandered around in the city, saw the process of making leather and bought some souvenirs for my mom to bring home. My mom left the next day in the morning and my friend Ananja arrived in the evening. Ananja and I spend another night and day in this city before renting a car again to make another road trip!


Infrane after two days in Fez I drove with Ananja to Infrane. Our first stop to cross the Atlas mountains to visit the desert. It’s a really interesting city to visit while being in Morocco. Such a cultures shock! You can do some wintersport here in the area Michlifen. This city really does make me think of a little village in Switzerland instead of Morocco.


Monkey in front of the Ouzoud waterfalls


Ourika because we couldn’t drive through the Atlas mountains (to much snow…) we decided to visit the waterfalls ‘’Ouzoud’’ and try to do wintersport in the wintersport area Michlifen instead of seeing the desert.  This didn’t really worked out. This is why we end up staying in Ourika. A Ok place to stay if your planning to visit Oukaïmeden (another wintersport area). There was also a possibility to drive a dromedaris. At least we did that, such a spectacular view… Just a little bit touristy hey… 

Afourer again we end up in a village we didn’t planned to stay at first. It was again an Ok city staying in at our way to Marrakech. I know there are some sights, but we especially enjoyed seeing the ‘’locals’’ doing their daily life tasks -staying in a great hotel- and walking around at a market place.


Marrakesh after all we ended up bringing our car back one day earlier than planned because there was not one road safe enough to bring us to the wintersport areas and we didn’t had enough time driving all the way around the Atlas mountains going to the dessert. On our way we saw a little village ‘’Tameslohte’’ super cool and authentic. Overall we saw a lot of landscapes out of our car window.

Morocco really has incredible changing landscapes. Something I did not immediately expect. Marrakesh was again a big city, super impressive and many people trying to get a bit of your attention. Must sees are ‘’Bab agnaou’’ the big main gate, Djemaa el Fna the main square, ‘’Madrasa Ben youssef’’ the Koran school, ‘’koutoubiya’’ the mosque and the ‘’tombeaux des saadiens’’ a necropolis in the middle of the kasbah. There is also a big park (which I loved to hang around in for her relaxing atmosphere) it’s called ‘’Jardin Majorelle’’. We decided to make it a relax your body holiday and ate some good food and went to the hammam ‘’Bains Alhambra’’, a great one, but a bit expensive if you are traveling on a budget. We slept one night at ”Riad des etoiles” and after that night, Ananja left :(. I slept one night in the ‘Cactus hostel’. It’s was a cool place to meet some fellow travelers. The next day I traveled with one of them with a CTM bus – read more about public transport here – to Taghazout in the morning.


Taghazout traveling from Marrakech to Agadir took me around 3 and a half hour. From here it was only 30 more minutes by taxi (costs: 150 dirham = 15 euros) to Taghazout. My senses were super overwhelmed of everything  Morocco has to offer after 13 days of non-stop traveling. Arriving at this place and specifically at the Amayour surf hostel was calming down all my senses. The salted breeze of the sea, hearing waves breaking at the coastline and seeing people carrying their surfboards around makes me feel so happy! The hostel was clean and the food was delicious. Atmosphere couldn’t be better.

I loved the village for the places to work romoteless at like ‘’Sun desk’’ and a nice café called ‘’World of waves’’. For a coffee you should definitely go to ”Cafe Mouja” and the best breakfast in town is served at ”Lauberge”. There are so many great surfsport here, offering you waves all year around. For me the water was a little bit chilly (or my wetsuit to thin…) in February so I decided to enjoy the sun,  to make new friends, read books and dream about my next adventure…