Personally I would advise you not to do so. I could end my blog by this first sentence. But that’s too easy. I’m going to explain my personal experience to you so you understand my reasons. Besides: if you’re like me and ignore advice from time by time (advice = not going solo as a woman) I will give you some tips and tricks traveling in the best way solo to Morocco anyways!  :-).

So let me start with the worst: my feelings (o-god) when being here alone as a woman.

I really felt uncomfortable, near unsafe in some surroundings traveling -as a blond woman-. First days in Morocco I thought people were just trying to be nice. When starting a conversation with them after they told me ‘’hi’’ they could start talking about how my ass, legs our body looked like. I was surprised: I thought they were going to ask me ‘’how I was doing’’ or ‘’where I came from’’.  Some days I wasn’t interested in any subscriptions about my body. So I would just ignore them and walk by. Next problem: they would whisper louder or even stand in my way to tell me what was going on in their mind! Same when I wanted to relax a bit on a terrace, park, coach or just standing still to take a picture. The maximum time alone was one minute. It might sounds weird to some people but this is not really where I was waiting for in my relaxing holiday-time, specially not if it sounds to ‘’willing’’.

WHY does this happen? Could be because of the number of women on the street (not so much) or the season (it was not touristy at all – they might had to sell and share all their stuff and emtions just to me) but I felt some aggressive tone in the way they were checking me out. After all: I wasn’t asking for any of this attention. I wasn’t screaming: ”hey I am alone, somebody wants to date me?!” or dressing like it: I was wearing a winter jacket and normal pants, not showing that much of my curves at all.

It might be just the culture. The roles of men and women are just so different than what I am used to. There are almost no woman on the streets or sitting in cafes: only men.

Religion? I try to be very hold back with this subject, but, could it be? Are people allowed to date, kiss, make love before marriage… etc. to find out if a girl/men matches best with them? Is this allowed in Morocco? If all of this isn’t: am I, as a western person, seen as a ‘’free person’’ where this would be all is possible with?

Another painful possibility: is it the need of a (European) VISA? I heard this from a guy: ”my friend only dates her to come to Europe’’ well, I don’t really want to believe this, but I did hear it so I can’t fully ignore this option.  Maybe we (humans) would all think in that way if we were living in a country where you have limits for crossing borders… (right, Dutchies?).

Is it all this bad? Absolutely not. Especially in smaller cities like Chefchaouen, Asilah and Taghazout (those are the smaller cities I have been) things are not this bad at all!  People, also guys, of course, can also be super kind. The bigger part just spoiled it for me to feel relaxed and confident walking -girl-solo-alone.

So, your question: what should I do? Because I am going anyways, and: I am going solo…

1. Meet fellow travelers! Don’t sit down alone in a beautiful riad or hotel by yourself. Go to a hostel to meet other travelers and walk with them: it will be way less and more durable to hear people calling you when around with more people.

2. When you don’t want to go to a hostel or when you’re not planning to meet other people you can consider to book a tour (or total travel itinerary) with a organization like ‘frombrementomorocco’ . I love this one because it’s so small and they really work in a local way – didn’t booked a tour with them but found them on Instagram when being in Morocco. Sure your Riad/Hotel also offers tours.

3. Pay attention to your clothes. Wear only a long dresses, long sleeve shirts etc. no short pants or bikini (on the beach OK, not in the village).

4. Do like I did. Check out if there is a Western looking guy walking around solo and stick with him (maybe you should ask first if this is Okey ;-), and a group of people will also work) It’s weird but it helps, seriously! I saw this as my final back-up-plan for not getting to grumpy when guys were shouting all the time to me when I just wanted to wander in the streets of Fez.

5. Try to ignore. After I tried just nicely talking to them when I hear ‘’hey beautiful’’ or ‘’nice ass’’ or ‘’ hey girl, where you from?’’ I found out that it just doesn’t help so say ‘’hi’’ to them. The only ‘’reward’’ I got doing that is them sticking to me for another hour or so.

Those experiences make me deeply happy I am born in a country where I am not seen as just some general ‘’meat’’ walking by where guys can spit every horny thought on which is on their mind, just because I am a woman walking by. Proud that we have so much gender equality in the Netherlands. Freedom to walk, bike and run alone outside, day or night without having to wonder if that is such a ‘’safe’’ thing to do. Luckfully I don’t have to wait till my dad or brother are at home to guide me outside. When I was born in one of those countries I would not be able to develop myself in the way I did and I am still doing right now. I am deeply sorry for the fact that just because I have my roots as passport stamped at some place else I have more freedom as a woman being. I am more aware than ever that we, men and woman together, still have battles to fight for.     

An inspiring article about the position of woman is this one about Marielle Franco. She fought for the rights of womans. Specially the last sentence of this article… Shocked me.

I am super curious about your experience. Maybe you didn’t had any problems at all walking around girl-solo in Morocco. Maybe you are a guy or girl from Morocco and don’t understand my experience/feelings described above at all. I am super curious because this is just how I felt, not how everyone will feel in the same situation. I am sure girls (or do Western-looking boys experience the same?) who are going to travel alone would love to read your comments.  

P.S. Morocco is super beautiful. This all subscribed above was just the bad side for me. I would advice to read my other blogs about Morocco to find out why you should definitely bring a visit to this amazing country too (boy/girl solo, family all together, friends… No matter what! :-)).