According to the weather report, it is going to RAIN in Nijmegen next week!
Read this blog if you want to know which things you should do quickly before… It’s too late. Before the Dutch rainy weather is back in town, before you are too old and certainly before you leave town.

So what exactly are those things?

Above you see a picture of  ‘Het Goffertbad’
When I lived in Ecuador two years ago I loved the fact that some of their swimming pools were in the open air. I mean, swimming while the sun strokes your back, what more can you ask for? I discovered you don’t have to go to the other side if the world to do so. Four weeks ago I found that ‘Het Goffertbad’ is a great option close to Nijmegen to enjoy some sun & swim. I am trying to persuade everyone around me to try it at least once ever since.

The swimming pool is all maintained by volunteers!
Size: one pool of 50 meters, 2 pools for children, 2 slides, 2 diving boards and a big garden to get a nice tan.
Open: 28th of April until 15th of September 2018 (at the 16th dogs can swim in the water to end the season)
Prize: 5,- one visit
Lockers, showers, snacks are available (bring at least 1,- in cash)

Check out their website and Facebook page.


SUP & SURF Nijmegen

Mightily possibility to scale up your conversations with your colleagues next week. It might go as follows: ‘’Hey, what did you do this weekend?’’ ‘’just some SUPing and windsurfing in Nijmegen, what about you?!’’ I bet it will be jaw-dropping.
Check out their website and Facebook page.



Nijmegen Running Tours

Have a look around Nijmegen in the most amazing way: while running! Losing some calories while getting to know everything you want to know about the oldest city of the Netherlands. It will not become any better.
P.S. I would just like to warn you: there could be some biased information here since I am the running tour guide herself 🙂 Just saying… But really, you need to try a Nijmegen Running Tour once…

Check out their website, Facebook page, and Youtube channel



(open) air Language Exchange events

Last week we organized an open-air Language Exchange event. A fun way to practice your (rusty dusty) second language. Likewise, you will make some new friends and learn more about other cultures. I am a seasoned participant since 2015 and part of the organization since 2017. I love to be there because it attracts really open-minded and international people. It’s like traveling the world without leaving the city.

Check out their website and Facebook page



Buitenbioscoop LUX

(outside cinema LUX)

An immense idea to do later this month if it’s not raining of course… Visit this open-air cinema. I love those initiatives 🙂
Check out the event and their Facebook page



Ibiza Market

A market where approximately 60 modern hippies offer a wide range of original hippie / Ibiza / bohemian lifestyle products. The event will be held on Sunday the 12th of August. Location: ‘Opoe Sientje’.

Check out the event on Facebook


Ooij / Hatertse Vennen

Bring your binoculars (or not) and go into the wild! I am sure you will spot the big five (dog, cat, horse, cow, crow).



Waalstrandje / Kronenburgerpark

So much closer to Nijmegen. Choose Kronenburgerpark for shade and ‘het Waalstrandje’ for water. Your choice.


// SPROK //

I still didn’t take the time to visit SPROK. I have no idea what is wrong with me, but thanks for asking. I promise I will go for one of those days.
Check out their Facebook page and website.


Honig FabriekIf you are still bored in Nijmegen one of the coming days you should: 1: do something more meaningful with your life (this is a joke), 2 get your bike and pedal for 10 minutes. Soon you will find ‘’de Honig Fabriek’. Get off and get lost this old factory side. Enjoy freshly brewed beer, play beach volleyball (they truly build a beach inside), exercise, dance, see some galleries and wander around and finish with some good clubbing at Brebbl.

Check out their website and Facebook page to see all the events

To end the list have some websites to ‘’check out’’. I love them. They are overflowing with information about Nijmegen.

Check out

Follow Fox Nijmegen if you want specific recommendations. I love how they keep finding the best spots to hang out each weekend.
Check out their website an Facebook page. 

After you read all this, don’t you also believe Nijmegen is the summer capital of the Netherlands’? I do and apparently, the maker of this website think so.

Check out their website and Facebook page.