I visited Sevilla a while ago. I did a running tour – a great way to explore a city – and stayed there for a few more days. Want to know what I liked and where you should go? Read this blog to find out!

You can start your day, just like I did, at ‘un gato en bicicleta’ or at ‘Torchi coffee’. The first one is a small and cozy lunch and coffee place, very arty and besides functioning as a library. The second, Torchi, is another lunch/coffee place but this one is more spaciousand bright instead of arty. It functions well as a place to do work on your computer.

Un gato en Bicicleta

After you have had your breakfast you can visit Real Alcázar (€13,- buy your tickets on time online). What it is? See here what Wikipedia says:

‘The Royal Palace of Sevilla is a royal palace in the Spanish city of Sevilla. Alcázar is a Spanish word for castle, derived from the Arabic القصر, al-qasr, meaning “fortress”, “castle” or “palace”.’ I couldn’t say it any better. It is a big castle. I love the architecture and also fell for their big green gardens. A great place to sit down and relax, even while there are a lot of tourists, it is still peaceful.

Real Alcázar

In case you would like to go for more sightseeing you should go to the ‘Plaza de Espana’. (it is free, nice!). I found it quite impressive! The semicircular shape of the square represents Spain’s embrace of the South American colonies. The square has an opening in the direction of the river, which means that it points the way to the colonies. The 4 bridges in the square represent the 4 kingdoms that once made up Spain: Castile, Léon, Navarra and Aragon. In the summer the square has one of the highest measured temperatures in Europe. Don’t forget to bring your hat,sunscreen and something to drink with you.

Plaza de Espana

At sunset you should try to be on top of ‘las setas’ (€3,-). It’s a wooden structure with the shape of a mushroom. I have no idea why they built it, but you should definitely visit, as you can enjoy a beautiful 360 degrees view over the city.

Las setas

After visiting all those places you are probably starving! So which tapas places should you go to? Well… ‘Dos de mano’, ‘El Rincenvailo’, ‘Dos Tapas’ and ‘Arte y Sabor’ are places that have been recommended to me at the hostel I was staying. I didn’t try any of them because I had other plans, but next time I will definitely try them.

Other recommendations:

Rent a bike. For example at the tourist information in the street ‘Alfonse’ This was the closest to my hostel and they made a good deal: €13,- for 24 hours, and It worked well.

When you rent a bike you could bring a visit to Triana and Prado de San Sebastian. The first is a relaxing neighborhood on the other side of the river and the other, is a great park.

I stayed in Hostel Oasis. Good vibes, clean and with rooftop swimming pool! Not too bad.

Most people visit a Flamingo show during their stay in Sevilla, you could do the same, of crouse.

I took the bus from the airport to get to the city (EA and bus 31), it took me around 20 minutes to arrive.

Click here to find nternational busses departing from Sevilla.

Don’t forget to check out this video I made about Seville


Hope you will embrace Sevilla just as I did, enjoy!