And five reasons why you should. This blog will give you some guidance in your decision making to in- or exclude Malta in your holiday-bucketlist. I would recommend to exclude it. But why would you listen to me? At the end, whether or not you like it depends on your personal expectations and needs. You might be looking for something different than me. So I will start with why I went to Malta, some general information about this small country and finally I summarize the five reasons why you should, and five why you shouldn’t, visit Malta. Hopefully this will easy your decision making!

How I imagined my whole trip would be: sunny, adventurous combined with a lot of nature

My Decision

Actually I wanted to to go to Madrid. A city where I would practice my Spanish. I the end I skipped this idea because I thought I would miss the river and sea when staying in a big city. So… instead, I decided to go to an Island, lot’s of water there! After searching on Google Flights, my favorite cheap-ass flights search machine for tickets under 100 euros, I bumped into a ticket to Malta. I really started to like this this idea, especially after doing some research at Google images. I could go snorkeling, swimming…. I saw a lot of lovely beaches and another island (Gozo) close to the mainland of Malta. This could only be a great success.


What about Malta?

As I said, it’s small. With her 316 square kilometres it isn’t the biggest Island in Europe. Apparently they didn’t considered controlling their birth numbers considering that size. With a measly 423.000 inhabitants it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. 

There are some prehistoric structures on the two sub-islands (Gozo and Malta – 3500 en 2500 before Chr.) they have been colonized by  Greeks, Romans, Frenchand English, therefore you can say they do have a pretty long and interesting history. It’s only since 1974 that they have been a republic. Their main capital is Valetta, a beautiful city full with old buildings. 

The Islands Nature looks a bit bare and rocky. They speak English and Maltanees, a fascinating mixture of mainly Arabic with some Italian, Sicilian and English but again written with the latin alphabet (but actually it is an Semitic language). 

Walking in the rain

Let’s start with the BAD

  • Reason one: IF the weather is bad (yes is happens) there is not that much to do. I did have a swimming pool in the garden but it was to cold, I also went to the beach but same story there… 
  • When you see the pictures on Google images, you might think Malta has a lot of good beaches you can go to. This actually is true but if you don’t have a car it is hard to reach them. When it’s warm the busses are fully packed with people… And a lot of the beaches are very rocky. 
  • They are building everywhere in Malta. High ugly-buildings, to many people – not enough space. 
  • They forgot to maintain their roads, so transportation is very bumpy! This might not be such a big problem in case you have your own car, but when you have to travel by public transport it feels like South-America to me,warm, full and slow.
  • A lot of, in general young, people come here to study English. Which is a good thing. They also go clubbing and drink a lot of alcohol here. This is where the good thing goes bad.
Beautiful, romantic beaches


  • Reason one: its history! Since I wasn’t able to lay down in the sun to much during my holidays (because there was none) I had plenty of time to learn about the history. And they do have a lot of that. For example it was interesting to learn more about the strategic position they have in the sea, the reason why they speak so many different languages and that they are only since 2004 member of the European Union.
  • Most likely you will find blue water and the sun waiting for you. You can have bad luck, like me, but if you go in the right season (September, if you ask me) It probably is beautiful.
  • It’s possible to enjoy some snorkeling or swimming in crystal clear water. 
  • The locals in general are also nice and welcoming people. 
  • I met a guy from Jordan and he told me he booked a return flight Jordan – Malta for just €20,- This makes Malta a great option to go to, spend a few days and combine this with exploring the middle east., I can’t wait!
  • There are some great places to go hiking. I did this with David from Airbnb experiences. I surely enjoyed it a lot! Their are stunning places and views in Malta/Gozo! 

Yeap, but I didn’t!

Good to know 

  1. Go diving with Divemalta
  2. Rent your own car to avoid using public transport.
  3. There is a trail running event at the island of Gozo each year what must be a great, so also for (trail)runners there is enough fun stuff to do.
  4. When renting an AirBNB or do this in the east part of the country (so not in Valetta/Siema). I am sure the your experience will be much better there.
  5. If you do stay close to Valetta/Siema stay at the Boho hostel. This made my trip. Especially the volunteers make it to a good place here 🙂 

”Life does not count the steps you take, or the shoes you use, but the footprints you leave”

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